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aylah ireland

Aylah Ireland (b 1987, Maine, United States) is a conceptual artist, photographer and curator. She has received her MFA from the University of Maine in 2020, and a BA in Art from the University of Maine at Augusta (UMA) in 2017.
Aylah was awarded the 2020-2021 Dick Higgins Fellowship to aid in her PhD research. She has received several Intermedia grants from the University of Maine, and curated the UMA Alumni Art Exhibition in 2019 at the Harlow Gallery in Hallowell Maine. Aylah has exhibited in solo shows and group art shows throughout central Maine, as well as been a guest speaker and artist mentor at UMA.  

about the exhibit

Artistic practice and genealogy can feed the opportunity for a change in the perception of family history. Using the information gathered from my matrilineal bloodline, family photographs and my definitions of self, I have created artworks which are 'places-of-memory'.  The places-of-memory--sometimes locations, or objects, sometimes the interaction with objects in an environment--provide an opportunity for discussion regarding the omitted or dismissed nature of the matrilineal line. The visual imagery I have gathered from my family photos, combined with cyanotype, embroidery, and other mediums, complete the Matrilineal exhibit.

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