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Thank you for visiting our window display for Bangor Rotary's 2021 Festival of Lights. This is a window competition so please vote for us at the link below!

Enjoy the following story that accompanies our display and fill out the scavenger hunt to be entered to win free time at Top of the Nine!





Once upon a time, in a small borough of London there was a man named Ebenezer Scrooge. Ebenezer despised Christmas, merriment, and anything that did not increase the money in his pocket. 


One year ago on Christmas Eve Scrooge was visited by three ghosts who revealed the error of his ways.  Reflecting on his life and where it may lead, Scrooge realized that adding to his fortune would not bring him, or anyone, happiness. Therefore, he endeavoured to live life anew! 


"Mr. Kratchet!" Ebenezer exclaimed through the door of his office. "How will I touch the hearts of many and bring good tidings to all this year? "


The ever loyal Bob Kratchet looked up from his paperwork; made much lighter in recent months. "Perhaps you could bear the burden of the local haberdasher, Mrs. Miggins. She has been tending to her ailing husband for some time now and she fears the shop may close permanently"


"What a wondrous idea, I adore the glistening buttons and ribbons as I walk by that shop! With a few alterations I believe I could get that place as shiny as a sixpence."


Not knowing exactly HOW to run a Haberdashery, Ebenezer Scrooge set off in a hurry toward Mrs. Miggin’s home.


Ebenezer approached the door, put on his best scowl, and knocked.


Mrs. Miggins opened the door and seeing the look on Ebenezer’s face broke into defence. “Mr. Scrooge, the rent is not due for a fortnight! 


“Mrs. Miggins” Ebenezer said, as he put on a warm smile. “I am here to make you an offer!”


“What kind of offer?” Mrs. Miggin’s said with suspicion.


“I know you have been overwhelmed tending to your husband, and the haberdashery shop has not been open these past three months. May I purchase your shop? In the hopes that the proceeds may fund a relaxing retirement for you and yours.


“Depends how much you’re offering” Mrs. Miggins replied, surprised at this behavior from him.


Ebenezer handed Mrs. Miggins a bag of money and said “this should cover it!” 


Mrs. Miggins grabbed the bag, hugged a slightly uncomfortable Ebenezer, and ran back inside shouting “IT’S YOURS! Mind the back door, it sticks a little and you’ll want to get that roof fixed. OH and here’s the key!” Mrs. Miggins hurled the key toward Ebenezer. With luck he was able to catch it before it was lost in the snowy street. 


Returning to the office Ebenezer instructed Bob Kratchet to draw up a bill of sale for one of his bank buildings. 


“What is one less bank in exchange for goods of daily use?” Ebenezer said into his tea cup. Bob Kratchet knew that this was a rhetorical question and left Ebenezer to finish his tea. 


The next morning Ebenezer and Bob began to fix up the haberdashery. Slightly askew, and shabby, after years of use. Ebenezer reopened Mrs. Miggins' shop with a slightly altered title, vowing to help adorn those he previously referred to as "the surplus population".


Polishing a lamp Bob Kratchet thought to himself: “what is a Haberdashery?”

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