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As a 501(c)(3) organization, we connect Bangor and surrounding communities with the arts. Our goal is to provide affordable and accessible artistic activities for all people. 

Located at 82 Central St. Bangor Maine, we offer our cozy community center for public event rentals. Contact us using the button below to book!

Here are the details:

  • $60 Per hour with a 2 hour minimum 

  • Max Capacity: 40 people

  • Comfortable dinner seating: 20

  • 4 Tables and 24 chairs will be set up with black table cloths prior to your event

  • Bring your own food and beverage

  • Bring a caterer if you want!

  • Coffee maker, tea kettle, microwave, small fridge, sound system, Wi-Fi, and an ADA compliant bathroom are all available for you to use.



Our board consists of Tristan Greenlaw, Rebecca Krupke, and Dan Sullivan. Between us, we make sure  the space is kept clean, events go smoothly, and that there is always a friendly person to talk with if you have any questions. 


Phone: 207-307-7425

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