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Monthly Artist Spotlight

The first Friday of each month we host a new artist at our gallery space in downtown Bangor as well promote them online. Our aim is to help new artists get started or help established artists gain visibility.


The spotlight is a great opportunity to get your artwork seen by the community, interact with your potential consumers, and get some great promo/portfolio material. 

What's included:

  • Artwork on display at Top of the Nine (82 Central St)

  • Art opening event on the first Friday of the designated month

  • Online marketing and social media marketing

  • Virtual walk-through of the expo for  online consumers and for your portfolio.

  • Cost share: Most private galleries take 40-50% of your art sales in order to make profit. Where we aren't interested in making profit off your talent, we take a 25% cut of sales to help pay for our space and marketing. There is no pressure to sell, but we love to be a catalyst for you to make some money. We want art to be sustainable for artists!

What we need from you:

  • Artist's statement

  • Portfolio of work (Google Drive, email, website, physical copies)

  • Completed application form

  • Must be a permanent resident of Maine to apply. We make determinations ongoing thru the year

Artists' Workshop

Programs & outreach

Are you a visual or performing artist? Are you interested in learning and honing your artistic skills? Or perhaps you want to get involved in the arts in Eastern/Central Maine. Top of the Nine may have something for you! 

Top of the Nine offers a low to no-cost art workshop for the community. These workshops are hosted by some of Eastern/Central Maine's most talented artists and are an engaging treat for all! 

  • Materials are usually supplied (each program may vary, please see details of each class)

  • A wide array of art programming is available, from print making to painting to photography

  • Hosted at our gallery space at 82 Central St. in Downtown Bangor.

  • We keep costs low by by utilizing grant funding, our goal is to keep art accessible to the community and sustainable for artists. 

If you are an artist interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us for criteria! 

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